Monday, November 14, 2022

 Fates's Redemption, A Jack Fuller Mystery

Love, loss, and determination spring from the pages of Fate’s Redemption—a story of hope and unwavering faith.  Jack Fuller, a retired long-time U.S. Air Force investigator, has turned to writing novels about his military exploits.

In Fate’s Redemption, he travels back to 1972 to a time when he helped the family of Thomas Stuart, a deceased Marine, recover a large amount of missing money. As he lay dying in Vietnam, Stuart asked Fuller to take a letter to his mom in Fort Hancock, Texas, where the story unfolds.

As Fuller delivers the letter, he meets Olivia Stuart, the Marine’s sister. She is a woman unlike any he had ever known before. Something mystical and magical happens and two lives change immediately.

Aware of Fuller’s investigative expertise, Olivia asks for help concerning the missing money. Jack agrees and, in the course of his investigation, he and Olivia take a path neither expected but both welcomed.

This is a wonderfully written story with memorable characters, descriptive prose, and striking dialogue.

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