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Can't put them down!
Betty W., Buffalo, NY

Mr. Then's FATE series and all his books are great, I have read them all and I recommend them. His novels are superb. Judith B., Zionsville, IN

Mr. Then weaves a fine, memorable tale that is satisying and engrossing. I very much enjoyed As Sure As the Sun Rise, where I discovered Then's wonderful voice. He did not disappoint in Netta's Journal. K.M., Lexington, KY

I love As Sure as the Sun Rises. As good as any book I have ever read.  Pam, Hamilton, OH

Reading one of your books it like drinking great bourbon! Mildred S., Portland, OR

What a marvelous talent you have, Jeanie H., Cincinnati, OH

The Heart By Which We Live is a wonderful book, very well written, Chris W., Florence, KY

I was thrilled to meet you and I've enjoyed each of your books! Judith A., Burlington, KY

McToon's Final Shot, That Tender Light, and The Heart By Which We Live, you have 'mega' talent my friend...Larry S., California. 

Don, your books are awesome; my wife and I just love them, your writing skills are superior, some of the best I've seen.  We cannot put them down.  Give us more, please. Tony M., North Carolina

McToon's Final Shot is just one laugh after another, a laugh a page...just great. Rick C., Indiana

Keep them coming, Don, Vince R., Oklahoma City

Don, you are a great writer; your book is wonderful The Heart By Which We Live is superb.Joanne T., Oklahoma City

The Heart By Which We Live is one helluva book...Tony H., New York

You are quickly becoming my favorite author, Don G. New York

Don, want to let you know that I finished That Tender Light and I loved it, didn't want to put it down. Thank you for such a wonderful book. I just read Heart (The Heart By Which We Live); it is powerful! Lorna S., Indiana

Jack Redding, your latest hero, is one tough and determined man. Bill C., Los Angeles, CA.

I just finished your book, THAT TENDER LIGHT and loved it!  You did a great job developing the characters, and writing a story within a story within a story  - that is tricky to do.   Congratulations again on a fine accomplishment! - Thomas Berry, author Lewis and Clark, Murder on the Natchez Trace

THAT TENDER LIGHT, what a wonderful journey the book was. Just finished it, it tugs at your heart yet lifts one up . A journey of life, a story of how life is the greatest gift. And, the important message of God's grace a gift we don't deserve, but should not reject. Thanks for the journey! - Marsha M. Executive, 50, Duxbury, MA

You are a wonderful storyteller. Your book offers a compelling storyline and wonderful characters. THAT TENDER LIGHT is superbly written! - Vickie P., 48, Fort Mitchell, KY

I had a trip to NYC last week and took the opportunity to read your book during the flight. I just wanted to let you know that it was captivating and a great read. I particularly appreciated the way that the stories were interwoven and how the characters were developed throughout the book. The story line was so good, that I was hooked after about 25 pages! Mark. W., Attorney, 55, Miami, FL

I bought your book from Amazon after reading about you on Facebook. I really enjoyed it. It had the right amount of passion and love, heroism and tragedy and intrigue.... I really enjoyed it. I am a veteran myself and enjoyed the military aspects of the story. I hope you are successful and continue to write more novels! - Elaine, R., Buffalo, NY

You are a gifted storyteller: THAT TENDER LIGHT and THE HEART BY WHICH WE LIVE are remarkable achievements! - Deborah, M., Hebron, KY

Just read the first hundred pages so far...loving it, Joanne W., Fishers, IN

Read the book -- great job, especially recognizing that it must have been tough to write 3 books in one while maintaining the appropriate styles. It was a great read -- especially since I do not believe I ever read a love story before. You seem to have the potential to capture a varied audience with this one! - Charles J., Winterhaven, FL

Bravo on the book, tell me there will be more.  I'm giving to my wife and sister to readRichard T., Greendale, IN

I've finished your book and I want you to know I really enjoyed it...let me know when your next is out so I can buy it. I love the way you write! Mary C., Alexandria, KY

I loved it, some parts were emotional for me, but you can really turn a phraseLew W., San Antonio

You're a hell of a storyteller, my friend: compelling storyline and wonderful characters. The real deal.  I'm an English Major and I love it. Anna F., College Senior, 21, Lexington, KY

I can honestly say this is one of the best books I've read in the past five years. The storyline is unique; it is a story within a story. The characters are believable. There are scenes/setting every bit as good as Hemingway and as good or better than many of today's more popular authors. The love story is heartwarming, the mission to North Vietnam is chilling, the ending is poignant and superbly written. I highly recommend it. Lucas P., 52, Literary Critic, IN

Simply put, I loved wonderful, you have captured the essence of a truly great story.  They don't come along often enough! - Hannah Z., Physician, 28, Rochester, MN.

I really enjoyed Tender Light! I read it the three days I was at the gulf. It was a lovely woven story with in a story, poignantly written with a message of tender love, faith and strength hidden within the pages! A. W. KY Legislator

You have a great talent!
 Jenny G., Indianapolis

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