Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Netta's Journal: A Story of Love and Sacrifice -- A Most Popular Novel

The death of his nanny, Netta Player, takes author Riley Harper back home to Francisville, Kentucky, and a fateful meeting with his lost love Katie Sanborn. 

Netta raised Riley and Katie. Everyone thought they would be together forever, including Netta. Unfortunately, life and stubborn minds got in the way.

Prior to Netta's death, Riley and Katie had been estranged for seventeen years. However, a secret about Netta's life brings the one-time lovers back into each other's life and, together, they learn through the informative and revealing pages of Netta's Journal about Netta's hidden life and about the experiences she endured during World War II, as she fought to survive in war-torn Poland.

Poignant prose, remarkable storytelling, and a glimpse at an old woman's younger life changes Katie and Riley forever. The heartwarming ending adds joy to a wonderfully told story. 

This is a book filled with intrigue, wonder, joy, love, and one's will to survive. This story will not disappoint; it is filled with joyful and redemptive promises. As one critic states: "It is a remarkable example of story-telling!"

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Monday, January 11, 2016

A Passionate Story in the Midst of War

As Sure as the Sun Rises portrays the passionate love affair between Jack Taylor, an Army officer, and Julia Ormandy, a Canadian doctor. They meet and fall in love in Laos during the latter years of the Vietnam War. 

U.S. military action in Laos was an active and deadly part of the Vietnam conflict. 

Even though the story takes place some 40-years ago, the years and the distance are of no consequence. The love Taylor and Ormandy shared is as fresh and vibrant today as it was back then. It is no different from that which you feel for ‘the love of your live.’ 

The message in this book is important no matter what the era: cherish those you love. What you have today can disappear quickly. As sure as the sun rises, this is true. Never forget that love knows no boundary!

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Thoughts from a writer's mind:

Everything in fiction has roots in fact. It provides greater interest and is more credible!

Every piece of fiction should be rooted in truth. The scenes you develop, the dialogue you create, every last detail must be based in fact or feeling or observation...turn over every stone and find the jewels. Write with passion, write from experience, write about your ups and downs, about what goes right and what hasn't, about love and loss. The story resides in what you see and feel!

Your job is to add perspective, add insight, and add realism. Let your talent shine! You can learn about all my book by clicking on the following highlighted link: My Amazon Author's Page