Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Heart By Which We Live

A story about love, murder, and revenge.
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The Heart by Which We Live is a story of murder and revenge, of love lost and love found, of money missing and money recovered, of tragedy and rebirth, of the importance of human interaction.  

In the depths of winter and personal despair, Jack Redding, a lonely and grieving man, travels across the country with his dog, Bailey, on a pilgrimage to avenge the death of his wife, Jill, and retrieve nearly $400,000 stolen by the crooked cop who killed her.

Police had labeled Jill Redding’s death accidental, her missing money as an unfortunate loss. However, a mysterious letter and memory card from a stranger’s cell phone reveal a different story.

Redding is a former Army Ranger—a tough man with a big heart—who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has the temperament and the skill needed to kill another man, having learned how to do so fighting drug wars in South America. The result: Jack takes matters into his own hands and, along the way, discovers a new life and new love.

In his travels, Jack meets people—old friends and new—who touch his life magically, people who help him remember the joys and pains of lost love and the importance of new romance. However, murder, mystery, and revenge are never far away in his jumbled life.

Flashbacks and introspection reveal key parts of Jack’s life. He ultimately visits a friend in Las Vegas where new love blossoms with a woman named Emma Cassidy but death and revenge threaten that relationship, too. THE HEART BY WHICH WE LIVE blends the push and tug of human interaction with mystery, romance, adventure, and redemption. 
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